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Making the Evolutionary Leap from Meerkat to Narwhal
If you're using Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10) or an older distribution, Natty Narwhat is a whole new animal.
FAUMachine: First Impressions
If you'd like to try a new twist on virtualization, FAUmachine might be the next cool thing.
Drupal at Warp Speed
Need to setup Drupal CMS but don't have the time to learn how? Try this 30 minute quick start guide.
CentOS 5.6 Finally Arrives: Is It Suitable for Business Use?
CentOS bills itself as an alternative to RHEL or Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, but can you trust it to run your business?
2X ApplicationServer: Applications at the Speed of Cheap
If you're looking for a way to beat the high cost of application publishing, look no more, 2X has it under control.
Have Some Cheese with that Webcam
Cheese Webcam Booth will make you smile because it's fun and free and it works.
Software RAID on Linux with mdadm
Now that we've completed our initial examination of the basics of RAID levels (including Nested RAID) it's time to turn our attention to RAID functionality on Linux using software. In this article we will be discussing mdadm -- the software RAID administration tool for Linux. It comes with virtually every Linux distribution and has some unique features that many hardware RAID cards don't.
Google Your Desktop
Google Desktop is the best personal search engine that money can't buy.
Audacity: The Free Dimensional Sound Editor, Part Two
Learn how to mix sound and voice to create professional and audacious effects for your next audio project.
Interview: Ted Gould on Ubuntu Unity
Linux Magazine's Senior Software Editor Brockmeier, talks with Ted Gould of Canonical about the upcoming release of Ubuntu Unity. In this interview Ted touches on Unity's UI design decisions, hardware drivers and bundled software.
Audacity: The Free Dimensional Sound Editor, Part One
The audacity of developers who create, maintain and support an advanced sound editor free of charge is unfathomable but appreciated.
Upstreams, Downstreams, and Revenue Streams in Ubuntu
Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Case in point: Vendors can take a hefty cut of the profits from applications sold through their app stores or shipped by default. But should they?
Slap a Patch on It and Call it Good
Patching and updating have their limitations but, if you want support, you'd better have the latest and greatest.
One Down for MeeGo: Now What?
Who has two thumbs and isn't at all surprised at Nokia throwing MeeGo under the bus? This guy. The Nokia partnership with Microsoft is appalling and bad news for MeeGo, but not a surprise at all. What comes next? That's up to Intel.
First Look at openSUSE 11.4
If you're looking for excitement, the openSUSE 11.4 release is probably not for you. On the other hand, Linux users who like boring, dependable, and usable should look a bit more closely. While openSUSE isn't chock full of changes, it does provide a solid no-nonsense distro for the adult in you.
Send in the Clones: The Long Wait for CentOS 6
Forget Godot, we're waiting for CentOS 6. If you hoped to have a shiny new CentOS release under the Christmas tree, you were disappointed. 2010 slipped by, still no release. Hoping to surprise your honey with CentOS 6 on Valentine's Day? Maybe. If you're lucky.
VirtualBox 4: First Impressions
A look at the good, the bad, and the not-so-ugly of Oracle's latest incarnation of VirtualBox.
Mepis Goes to 11
It's not the best-known distribution, but Mepis still has its fans. The Debian-based distro is getting very close to its final 11 release. With a major version bump (last release was 8.5) Mepis 11 has a lot to live up to.
Linux Mint Debian Edition 10: Rolling Release Nirvana
Linux Mint Debian Edition 10 is out, and it's just what the doctor ordered for Linux gearheads who want a rolling release with the extra touches that make Mint unique.
Ring in 2011 with Old School Apps
Time to ring in the new year with old school applications. Web 2.0? It's old and busted, and Mutt is back in style.