Larry M. Augustin Archive

Bridging the Corporate Gulf
Who created Linux? Sure, Linus Torvalds has been there from the start, hacking the kernel and nurturing its growth. And for the most part, Linux has been built by developers just like him -- individual contributors writing software for their own, individual reasons. But today companies, as well as individual developers, are looking for ways to contribute to Linux. Big companies. Firms like IBM, SGI, and Intel all want to bring their big company technology and big company resources to the Linux community.
Mozilla: Fatal Blow to Open Source?
April 1, 1999, April Fool's Day. It was supposed to be a celebration of the one year anniversary of Netscape releasing their browser code as Open Source. Code maestro and Mozilla project leader Jamie Zawinski again rented the Sound Factory in San Francisco for a party. Strobe lights flashed as projectors spewed scrolling Mozilla source code across the walls. Mozilla CD ROM's mixed with pumping music. But amid the festive atmosphere Jamie Zawinski played a cruel joke on us. At least we hoped it was a joke. We hoped with our hearts that it couldn't be true.
Open Standards Win
I'm 36 years old, and it seems that makes me an elder in the computer business these days. The employees at my own company, VA Research, are on the average at least five years younger than me. I first noticed the age difference when employees whose first computer was a 486 started showing up. They'd nod politely and smile with a humoring look as I described how to load a program from punched cards on a General Automation 1830 by entering the jump op-code for the card reader subroutine using toggle switches. I tend to tell people around the office I'm "in my late twenties" lest they think it's time to put me out to pasture.