Michael Bordash Archive

Moodle is Now in Session
Teach your staff and students new tricks with the best online course management system on the planet.
Keeping a Knowledge Base
Work smarter by storing your vital brain tools in an open-source knowledge base.
That’s the Ticket!
RT tracks incidents and requests and should be a part of your overall customer relationship management strategy.
Praising the Tiki God
Explore Tiki, arguably the most robust content management system on the planet
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Relationship Management
Securing Your Environment: Part 2
SNORT looks for intrusions, while ACID can help you make sense of what’s happened after an intrusion.
Streaming MP3s
Advertising with LAMP
If you want to make money with your web site, running advertisements is a good, first approach. Running ads requires little or no capital expense, and there are several options to sell ad space: you can sell it directly; you can hire a salesperson or consultant to sell it; or you can sign up with an ad network, which matches advertisers with your site.
Web-based Email on the Horde Platform
Believe it or not, IT departments shudder at the words "Let's deploy Exchange." Although Microsoft's email server is virtually ubiquitous, that doesn't mean it's popular with those that have to manage it. So before your boss writes a hefty check for Exchange and sentences you to countless hours of hard labor, speak up and suggest one of the many open source substitutes that are just as robust as Exchange -- and are free!
Unbreakable: Oracle on Linux
Six years ago, Oracle announced support for Linux, perhaps singlehandedly sparking the widespread adoption of Linux in the enterprise. Today, Oracle's Linux market share is growing by leaps and bounds, backed by the elegance, scalability, and low cost of Linux application clusters.
E-Commerce Made Easy
Whether you work for a large Fortune 500 company or a small start-up, chances are that most of your application engineers are embroiled in the support and maintenance of your online store.
Burning the Bulb Brighter
Whether you're an independent web site operator or the manager of a large web serving farm, you must constantly look for ways to optimize your environment to keep costs low and boost overall performance. Indeed, optimization has recently become something of a crusade for businesses, as many search for ways to yield even the slightest improvements in profit.
Picture It with JpGraph
Let's face it: in the business world, you're bound to encounter individuals who just can't get "the big picture." At the sight of rows and columns of data, their brains disconnect, their eyes cross, their breathing becomes labored, and they pass out. But wouldn't it be nice to avoid all that trauma? Imagine if you could help those poor, spreadsheet-phobic souls grasp what the data actually means with a clear and decisive graph.