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What Are Your Six Go-To Android Apps?
We're tapping the Linux Mag hive-mind this week for Android-based apps that deserve an install. Share your favorites.
What If… Microsoft Bought Novell?
According to the company, Novell would consider being acquired should the right buyer come along. Could that buyer be Microsoft? And what would that mean for SUSE and the Linux ecosystem?
Linus Declares the Google Nexus One a “Winner”
February has been a strong month for open source on mobile devices, including the release of the Symbian OS source code, an Android update and Linus giving a nod to the Nexus One.
Photo: Linus Celebrates the Windows 7 Launch
Here it is, the last photo of Linus you'll need for the year.
Moblin v2.0 Beta: Linux Netbook’s Best Hope?
Can Intel's Moblin revive the ailing Linux netbook market? The Moblin v2.0 beta release is giving it a try with a very slick update.
Forget Windows, the Real Competition is the iPhone
Linux cracks 1% of the OS client market. But does this represent the path forward, or the beginning of the end?
Oracle Buys SUN; MySQL is Forked
Oracle picks up SUN for $7.4 billion and gets MySQL in the bargain. Did the world's most popular open source database just get put on life support. Or have it's plug pulled?
Microsoft Says “Make Web Not War”
Looking to build ties with open source developers, the company launches an OSS marketplace.
Open Music Player, Songbird, Releases 1.1
The Mozilla-based music player get an update with a number of improvements.
Blueprint for Competing with Proprietary Software
Peek behind the curtain to see how proprietary software views the competitive threat of B2C FOSS.
openSUSE Roadmap Propoal Open for Comment
Next release -- "Fichte" 11.2 -- scheduled for November 2009.
Bang the TomTom Softly
Has Chancellor Palpatine given the go ahead to execute Order 66 or is the TomTom lawsuit about nothing more than GPS?
Linux Netbook Roundup
Are you in the market for a ultra-portable but don't want to pay the Windows tax? We round up seven possible options for anyone looking to purchase a Linux-based netbook.
QuakeLive for Linux a “High Priority”
John Carmack and id Software try shaking up the PC gaming platform.
Does Open Source Experience Help in Today’s Job Market?
Everyone is saying recessions benefit open source. Is the same true for job seekers?
Code Editor in the Cloud
Mozilla Labs lauches Bespin, a cloud-based, collaborative code editor.
Gone Fish’n: Sun’s Web Platform
Sun rolls out their web stack as a complete portfolio of middleware tools. It's like LAMP. With a pricetag.
Mark Cuban Spins Up “Open Source” Venture Capital
Have a great idea? Cuban has the money if you have the visibility, accountability and profitability.
Microsoft Searching for New Open Source Director
However, the new position takes aim at the Linux desktop.
Event: The Law of the Commons
"I've Got A Penguin in My Briefs" Live: A full-day seminar presented by the Seattle chapter of the National Lawyers Guild
You’ll Pry Vista from My Cold Dead Hands
Talking operating systems deep in heart of Windows country.
Splitting Up Sun Microsystems
Sun never fully recovered from the dot-com bust of 2001. With the company attempting to rally around open source software, is now the time to get out of the hardware business?
Mobile is the New Desktop
The perfect storm for Linux in the netbook market.
President Obama: Good for Open Source?
Even though Barack Obama was only just sworn in as President of the United States on Tuesday, his administration already appears to be showing an interest in open source.
Mark Shuttleworth & the Software Mercenaries of Ubuntu
The Ubuntu founder gets the NYTimes treatment.
Google Chrome Dumps WinHTTP, Linux Version Inevitable
Coming soon to an Ubuntu release near you?
Setting Direction for 2009
As we expand Linux Magazine in the new year, we'd like to get your opinion on the topics that matter to you.
Facebook Puts its SaaS Where its Mouth is
fbOpen launches under a CPAL license and, perhaps, sparks a licensing revolution.
Praise for the Humble gedit
A rare case of the default option being surprisingly powerful.
Sun Launches OpenSolaris on a Post-OS World
Because you were probably just thinking that your choices on operating systems were feeling a little limited.
Krugle Code Search Stats or How to Write a Press Release
Just how... creative is your code?
Date Handling in Rails Applications
Brief walkthru of capturing, storing, and displaying days with Ruby on Rails.
Intelligent Scaffolds for Ruby on Rails
Building Internet applications with Rails is getting even easier as projects like ActiveScaffold and Hobo mature.
Poll: Sun Reaches Out to Linus
Vendors are hiring the Linux faithful and reaching out with offers of collaboration. Is all the recent interest in Linux good for the OS?
Linux Magazine High-Performance Computing Reader Survey
Share you opinions on the HPC industry and enter in a drawing to win 1 of 5 Apple iPods.
Are You Getting a Dell?
Dell's pre-installing Ubuntu. Now the question is whether the community is buying. Take our informal poll and let us know what Dell is doing right and what they still need to work on.
The “S” Stands for Service: An Interview with Sandy Carter, IBM’s VP of SOA Strategy
A published author and the executive in charge of IBM’s Service Oriented Architecture and Websphere strategy, Sandy Carter met with Linux Magazineto discuss how SOA can solve immediate business problems and form the foundation of flexible, responsive information technology infrastructure.
The Message from JavaOne: Enabling the Community
As Sun's transformation to a completely open company continues, the company renews it's commitment developing an ecosystem of developers around their software.
The GPL Has No (Networked) Future
The Free Software Foundation backs away from closing the web services loophole.
We Want Linux to Win: Q&A with Novell CEO, Ron Hovsepian
Novell chief talks about patent protection, meeting customers needs, and competing with Red Hat.
Whither the SUSE Exodus? Novell’s Linux Business Soars
Linux the only bright spot for Novell's quarter despite OSS community concerns over Microsoft pact.
Choice or Chaos? The High Cost of Linux Fragmentation
Like it not, there's a considerable price tag associated with the question, "What distro do you run?"
Dell and Desktop Linux: Can it Work?
Dell's customers want greater choice when buying a PC. Is offering Linux on the desktop worth the PC vendor's time?
The News from LinuxWorld New York
The latest incarnation of LinuxWorld has come and gone. Here's what you missed.
Router Project Aims for Open Networks
Open Linux Router wants to go beyond Open Standards for protocols to Open Source for the entire device.
The FSF Can’t Ban Novell’s Linux Distribution Rights
Reuters injects some unnecessary fear into the Linux customer base with reports that the FSF could ban Novell's Linux distribution rights. They can't.
Why Windows Wins
Windows Vista: The kinda boring, soon to be globally dominant operating system.
Sun Gets Serious About Industry Standard Servers
Sun and Intel find common ground around Xeon-based servers and the Solaris OS.
Sun Cuts Price on Solaris 10 Support
Calls Solaris "a more strategic alternative to commercial Linux distributions" but the company's own Linux shipments exceed Solaris.
Calling Dr. Microsoft: Can MS and SGI Take Mid-Market HPC Off Life-support?
Vendors aim to put a cluster in every department.
Novell Looking for Acquisition Targets?
Linux vendor may be sizing up virtualization providers.
RHEL 5 Nearly Ready
CEO Matt Szulik predicts next version to go gold on Feb 28.
Growing Pains: Jeremy Allison Leaves Novell in Protest
Company continues to struggle with the community reaction to Microsoft alliance.
Bigger Iron: IBM, Intel Partner on Virtualization
Vendors develop a new benchmark methodology for loading virtual servers and gain insights in sizing systems.
Survey Says: Web Infrastructure and the Last Big Microsoft OS
Microsoft's model may be on its way out.
Intel on Quad-core vs. UltraSPARC
SPARC lights no fire says the chip vendor's blog.
Mission Accomplished: Do We Need the New OSDL?
Organization seeks a new direction, CEO resigns, staff cut by a third.
Dell Greens Up PowerEdge
Introduces new energy-efficient servers.
Hitachi Wants a Share of North American Blade Market
BladeSymphony line gets an update and US launch.
Japan to Get First AMD Quad-Core Processors?
Quad FX processors, slated for mid-2007, turn up on the web.
Linux Opens the PS3 to Hacking
PS3 Blue-Ray images already being dumped to ISOs
Virtualization Slowing Server Sales
Gartner sees server volume drop.
Red Hat Releases RHEL 5 Beta 2
Last beta before first of the release candidates go live.
The Supercomputer in the Livingroom
Install Linux on your Playstation 3
Intel Releases Quad-Core Processors Early
Chip manufacturer introduces the world to the blazing speed of quad-core computing ahead of schedule.
Top500.org List Preview
A sneak peak at the world's fastest systems.
Where the V Doesn’t Stand for Vendetta
Microsoft finishes Vista.
Open Source Indemnification: More Harm than Good
Stop stuffing the straw, man.
My Enemy, My Partner: The Microsoft-Novell Alliance
Novell buys a very large channel partner.
Video: Adventures in Linux
Adventures indeed...
Red Hat Won’t Budge
CEO says they won't drop prices.
My Favorite Quote from Oracle OpenWorld
Pretty much sums it up.
The Oracle Effect
Larry Ellison announces a new Linux distribution based on Red Hat's source.
Middleware Stacks and the Cost of Going it Alone
IBM & Novell partner on new middleware bundle and highlight the real value of integrated stacks: support.
Cisco, Virtualization, and the Inevitable Hardware Upgrades of 2007
Cisco CEO says virtualization "inevitable."
Nokia: Embedded Linux Not Mature
Cell phone manufacturer planning no Linux phones and believes the OS needs some work.
Five Reasons I’m Not Worried About Red Hat
Wall Street took a pound of flesh from the Linux vendor this week. However, they may have jumped to their conclusions a bit too soon.
IBM Announces Blade Migration Center, Targets HP Customers
Program includes a global team of 300+ consultants and a $1,000 discount for enterprises that migrate from HP.
Now and Xen: RHEL 5 Beta Gets Virtual
Linux vendor warms up to the technology but product likely won't ship until 2007.
Bergen’s Not a Bellwether
Norway city's long-ago decision to adopt Linux for the desktop is postponed but isn't a reflection of the technology.
Rackable Acquires Terrascale for $38M
Server vendor beefs up its storage solution with Terrascale's clustered file system.
Free and Open: An Interview with Mark Spencer, the Creator of Asterisk PBX
Asterisk PBX changed the way teleco viewed Linux and Open Source. Things may never be the same.