Wendy Goldman Rohm Archive

Breaking Windows
Are everyone's favorite Microsoft apps coming soon to a Linux box near you? Between a potential government breakup and a newly-announced .net strategy, that possibility seems more and more realistic...
The Transmeta Mystery
This Santa Clara, CA company and its new Crusoe chip are attracting some of the best and the brightest minds in computing. So what exactly has Transmeta been up to, and how did they get Linus Torvalds to work for them?
Open Source Evolution
What is the next stage in the evolution of open source? Companies like Red Hat, VA Linux, and Linuxcare are betting they can build businesses without selling proprietary software, but can they?
The Age of Itanium
By the end of this year, the first 64-bit Intel systems will begin to hit the market. What does this mean for Linux?
Extreme Prejudice
No doubt about it, Microsoft has Linux on its radar. And as
Up From the Ashes
With its Irix OS on life support, Silicon Graphics Inc. turns to Linux to save the company.
Inside the Red Hat IPO
In January, 1999 CEO Bob Young did not want Red Hat to go public. Today