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The Apache Portable Runtime
If you’ve ever had to write a portable application in C, you’ve likely run into the same problem faced by countless other programmers: no matter how much you try to stick to a well-defined application programming interface (API), the program just doesn’t work the same on every platform. While POSIX does a passable job of providing a portable API for most Unix and Unix-like platforms, POSIX either doesn’t exist on other operating systems or is so full of bugs as to be unusable. Moreover, POSIX isn’t always the best choice. Non-Unix platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, have their own APIs that are better mantained and perform better on that platform. So, to make something portable, you could write, rewrite, and tweak your code several times — at least so the code compiles on several platforms. Or, you can use the Apache Portable Runtime (http://apr.apache.org/) the same library that makes the ubiquitous Apache HTTP server portable. If it’s good enough for Apache, well, enough said.