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Slim Devices
To paraphrase a famous maxim, "Oh, what a difference a decade makes."
Magellan Navigates RFID
Picture this: after school, your kids come home and ravage the pantry. Detecting the now-empty cupboards, your home's electronic inventory assistant emails you an urgent shopping list: pick up more Cheez-Its, Cap'n Crunch, orange juice, milk, eggs, and Eggo waffles.
Checking Out 2Checkout.com
"Money makes the world go around" is a well-known adage, and a similar aphorism could be made about the Internet. Indeed, in the last ten years, a mammoth industry has grown out of and because of the Internet. These days it's quite common to conduct a considerable part of one's personal business online, using the Web to manage utilities, bank and securities accounts, and to purchase everything from cruises to cars to compact discs and even candy.