Drew Streib Archive

Accessing MS-SQL Servers, Upgrading reiserfs, Running Multiple Apache Configs
What are the best packages to help me access an MS-SQL server from a Linux system? I've noticed that some versions of Sybase and other public domain software can do this. I am trying to find the best public domain software and would like to test at least three packages other than Sybase.
Graphing Bandwidth Usage, Upgrading Kernels Remotely
I want to get a bandwidth usage graph for my machine, but don't have a switch with SNMP. Can I get this directly from the Linux box?
Mastering Root Logins, Selectively Blocking Server Access, Preventing a bash History
My server will not let me ssh in as root, but I need to copy over files while preserving ownerships and permissions. Can I still do this?
Backing Up E-mail,
I would like to be able to save copies of all my inbound e-mail for backup purposes. How can I do this?
The ls, du, and sort Commands, How to Get the LILO Prompt Back
The ls command allows file listings to be displayed in a variety of ways. Commonly used options are -a (does not hide dot.files), -l (long/verbose listing format, includes file attributes and sizes), and -color (displays files/directories in different colors depending on attributes). Type man ls to get a more complete listing of options.
Using ssh, Syncing Laptops and Desktops
I've been given an account on a server that has disallowed telnet and ftp access in favor of ssh. What is ssh, and how can I use it? Why have they disabled telnet?