Michael J. Hammel Archive

Michael J. Hammel (http://www.graphics-muse.org) is a Principal Software Engineer for Colorado Engineering, Inc. (CEI) in Colorado Springs, CO, with over 20 years of software design and development experience. He has written more than 100 articles for numerous online and print magazines and is the author of three books on the GIMP, the premier open source graphics editing package. He is currently working on a MythTV front end design suitable for use with an outdoor DIY projector for summertime movie watching.
Ripping Videos for MythTV with AcidRip
HOWTO: Rip DVDs to a MythTV server and consolidate your home video for easy access to your media.
ncurses: Old School Interfaces
Even if a system can't provide raster graphics, there's no reason it can't offer the convenience of windowed interfaces. Perhaps you've never heard of it, or perhaps you've just forgotten about it -- in any case, the ncurses library lets you build windowed applications for character-based displays.
The History of XFree86
Take a stroll down Memory Lane and learn about XFree86 -- from its humble beginnings to its current status as the official X.
Gettin’ GUI with GTK+
If you're interested in writing portable GUI-based applications for Linux, the "GIMP Toolkit," or GTK+, can provide you with a strong foundation to build on.
Graphics Grab Bag
When it comes to pictures, Linux has a lot more to offer than just the GIMP. Find out what cool tools are available.
Keep Your Strategy on Track to Build an Empire with the Latest Game from Loki
Five Steps to GIMP Nirvana
Our story begins late in the evening, in the halls of an Internet publishing start up: Sherry, working under tight deadlines and unreasonable demands, is sitting in a dimly lit room, trying desperately to integrate some badly-scanned drawings into her Web pages. A knock on the door breaks her concentration. She spins her chair to face the pale faced man she knows only as Gizmo. "What do you want?" she asks.