Amit Asaravala Archive

Surf’s Up
If you're in the market for a new browser, you're in luck: Linux offers many to choose from. But which is best? We surfed with a bunch, and here's our report.
The New Kid on the Block
Recently ratified by the IETF, the iSCSI standard is about to make storage area networks (SANs) much more attractive to small- and mid-sized businesses.
Zeroconf Disassembled
If you haven't built a local area network lately, you may have forgotten just how painful a project it can be. But what if your users could just plug in, power on, and connect, building their own ad-hoc network? Zeroconf, the basis of Apple's Rendezvous product and an emerging networking standard, puts the play back into 'plug-and-play.' Here's how Zeroconf works.
20 Years of X
The X Window System is fast approaching its 20th birthday. Is it time to celebrate or time to reevaluate the aging technology?
InfiniBand for Linux Clusters
InfiniBand's future is becoming more certain as researchers find a home for the once-floundering I/O architecture among Linux clusters.