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The Best of Both Worlds: The Role of Mono in Multi-Platform Application Development
Have a Windows application, but want to port it to Linux? Mono lets you keep your source code and run on Linux, too. Mono founder Miguel de Icaza explains.
Next Stop: Desktop
The past two years have been good ones for Free Software, the developers who create it, and the users who rely on it. The explosive growth of installed Linux-based systems continues unabated. Key Free Software server technologies, such as Apache and Samba, are accepted (and are often the leading) mission critical components in business environments. Governments and institutions worldwide, especially in developing nations, are looking at Linux-based solutions to minimize their costs of deployment and maintenance. Perhaps most heartening, we can now point to successful business models built on Free Software development, service, and support, with Red Hat being only the most notable.
The GNOME Project
GNOME simplifies the use of Open Source UNIX systems like Linux