Jeffrey B. Layton, Ph.D. Archive

Jeff Layton is an Enterprise Technologist for HPC at Dell. He can be found lounging around at a nearby Frys enjoying the coffee and waiting for sales (but never during working hours).
Cluster Tools for the Enterprise
Enterprise-level clusters? It's time we start thinking about them.
Using strace for Fun and Profit
New tool for taking the output from strace_analyzer and creating a simulation of the I/O pattern of your code on different storage hardware and file systems.
Perceus/Warewulf: Tres Cool Cluster Tool
Using Perceus/Warewulf as your Cluster Management System (CMS) can speed cluster setup and deployment by automating a number of repetitive tasks.
Pixels to PetaFLOPS
Learn how graphics processing units are pushing the HPC envelope.
Parallel File Systems: File Systems for HPC Clusters (Part Two)
Continuing the discussion of cluster-ready filesystems with an overview of traditional parallel file systems, which allow clusters to contact multiple storage devices directly rather than communicating with storage through a gateway. All you ever wanted to know about parallel file systems, and then some.
Parallel Platters: File Systems for HPC Clusters (Part One)
High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters are easier, and cheaper, than ever to put together. If you have an interest in pulling together your own cluster, or maybe you just want to understand more about cluster technology, it’s necessary to grok the differences between clusters and standard systems.
The Network IS the Cluster: Infiniband and Ethernet Network Fabric Solutions for HPC (Part Two)
In part one, I introduced the two most popular HPC networking technologies -- Ethernet (GigE and 10GigE) and Infiniband. We also compared latency, bandwidth, and the N/2 performance of these technologies. While these numbers give a general feel for performance, there is no easy way to determine the actual performance of your application.
Pixels to PetaFLOPS: How GPUs are Pushing the HPC Envelope
The combined challenges of multi-core CPUs in HPC combined with with a pronounced lack in recent clock speed increases have led many users on a quest for alternative commodity hardware that can be used to increase performance. Enter the modern day Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
The Network IS the Cluster: Infiniband and Ethernet Network Fabric Solutions for HPC (Part One)
An often asked question by new HPC cluster users is, What kind of interconnects (networks) are available? This question is important because the network is perhaps the single most important factor in terms of cluster performance. GigE, 10 GigE, Infiniband: Which one is right for you?