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Applications First
Eric Raymond said recently in the New York Times that we are "six to nine months" away from seeing Linux seriously threaten Windows on the desktop. Plenty of people think that will never happen, but you should never say never. It was, after all, this same Eric Raymond who told a cheering crowd at the first Perl Conference in 1997 that NT 5 would never ship. It did, and Windows 2000 became the most stable and best offering Redmond ever produced. Anything can happen.
Embrace and Extend
Dot-NET is Microsoft's next generation framework for developing Internet-centric distributed applications. Why should this matter to Linux developers?
Why Linux Should Embrace and Extend Microsoft.NET
A couple of years ago, I built a subscriber-access version of the Byte Magazine Web site. I started with two prototypes. One used Windows NT, IIS, and Win32 versions of Perl and the Solid database. The other used Linux, Apache, mod_perl and Solid for Linux. The Linux/Apache solution won out on its technical merits. It was stabler, faster and more manageable. We'll never know the ultimate outcome, because Byte went out of business just as I was ready to go into production. But, I was set to deploy the most significant application I'd ever built on a system that was (in Sun-speak) 100 percent Pure Open Source.