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CORBA is dead!
Though it's no longer trendy, CORBA is alive and well in Linux. The rumors of CORBA's demise have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, the Common Object Request Broker Architecture is alive and well, and provides valuable services.
Building a Universal SQL Client
The Qt (sometimes pronounced "cute") C++ toolkit has been available since 1995, but it entered the mainstream of the computer programming world just a few years ago. Known for its first-class support of Unix operating systems, Qt, from Norwegian company Trolltech, surged in popularity along with the growth of Linux. Developers have turned to the toolkit for its cross-platform features alone: Qt helps you build Macintosh and Windows programs directly from your Linux source code. Qt also received a boost from the ever-popular KDE, which relies heavily on the toolkit to simplify GUI programming. Even the Linux kernel now requires Trolltech's libraries for its xconfig build module. As a result, Qt has cemented a spot among the best-selling C++ toolkits on the market.