Lee Gomes Archive

Lee Gomes covers technology for the Wall Street Journal. He can be reached at lee.gomes@news.wsj.com.
The Cat In The Red Hat: An Interview with Bob Young
Don't call it the next Microsoft. If things go Bob Young's way, people will think of Red Hat as the Wal-Mart of the open source world.
Taking Linux Public
The president of VA Linux Systems shares his views on Linux and what the
Puffin Dreams
The Open Source movement is forcing established technology companies to re-evaluate their business strategies. Hewlett Packard is among the most progressive in this regard.
The Linus Interview
"It wasn't that I wanted to change the world; I wanted to make Linux freely available, but there wasn't any deep philosophical thinking behind it. I want to have fun in my life... I want to do something that matters." Linus Torvalds shares his thoughts on Linux, Microsoft, and life in Silicon Valley.