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Server Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures intelligent power distribution products for enterprise data centers, service providers and branch office locations.
Planning and Implementation of power distribution at the cabinet level
This paper discusses the different aspects to consider during the planning phase for the implementation of power distribution at the cabinet level. Effective planning will yield considerable benefits and provide tools and information to aid in the management of the data center. Additionally, this will help avoid problems down the road such as insufficient power to fully populate the cabinet, having enough capacity and outlets for redundancy, avoiding the need to run additional power drops in the future and not having enough poles on the distribution panel to provide it.
Features and Benefits for STI CDU’s
The focus of this paper is to investigate the features and benefits of implementing Server Technology’s Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDUs) in your data center. Metered, Smart and Switched CDUs provide many solutions to common data center problems including cable management, temperature and humidity monitoring, circuit overload prevention and remote reboot capabilities, just to mention a few of the benefits.
Server Technology PDU and Starline Busway
High Density 60-Amp Sentry Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (CDU) from Server Technology Inc. combined with the Universal Electric Corporation's Starline Track Busway.
Smart Load Shedding
With Smart Load Shedding Server Technology is the first to offer data center managers the ability to automatically manage individual devices based on key operating parameters. These key parameters include temperature, in-feed load and UPS power status.