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Vyatta has changed the networking world by developing the first commercially supported, open-source router, firewall and VPN solution. Vyatta combines the features, performance, and reliability of an enterprise router and firewall with the cost savings, flexibility, and security of open source.
BGP Performance Evaluation: Vyatta Open Source Router vs. Cisco 7204VXR Router
By Vyatta
Independent test of Vyatta's open-source, Linux-based router vs. Cisco 7204. Test focus is on BGP and WAN performance. "The Vyatta system outperforms the Cisco 7204VXR in BGP convergence times and routing table capacity at a cost savings of over 75%. Vyatta also demonstrates superior price/throughput performance providing more than a 3.3X advantage..."
Top Five Virtualization Mistakes
By Vyatta
IT managers are just getting started with virtualization and are often employing it in only the most straightforward ways. If you’re in this camp, you could be leaving your network vulnerable to attack, needlessly complicating your disaster recovery plan and double-spending on your network infrastructure.
Why Vyatta is Better than Cisco
By Vyatta
This paper highlights the advantages of Vyatta\’s Linux-based, open-source router, firewall, VPN over Cisco\’s Integrated Services Router an Adaptive Security Appliance products.
Building an Open-Source WAN Router
By Vyatta
This paper is a "How-to" using the Vyatta router software and Sangoma WANPIPE card to connect a small office to the Internet using basic static routing with NAT to provide a large private address space behind the public IP address of the site. It also covers configuring the router to act as the office DHCP server and the WANPIPE card to serve as the public interface.
The Structural Cost Efficiencies of Open-Source Networking
By Vyatta
This paper shows how the combination of open source and the x86 hardware ecosystem creates an entirely new cost-curve for networking that is structurally economic, delivering considerable cost savings to users at purchase and over the product lifecycle.