DataDirect Networks Archive

DataDirect Networks is the world's leading provider of high performance, high capacity network storage solutions. DDN’s S2A architecture enables applications that place high demands on storage system performance & capacity, such as video streaming, content delivery, modeling & simulation, backup & archiving, cluster & supercomputing, and real-time collaborative workflows. Our customers include global leading high-performance computing centers, broadcast & post production facilities, Internet sites, telecommunications providers, and government agencies. Headquartered in Chatsworth, CA, DDN has offices in the U.S., EMEA, & AP. For more information, contact us at +1-818-700-7600 or info@datadirectnet.com or visit www.datadirectnet.com.
Enterprise Grade “No-Compromise” Backup/Recovery
Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs) are becoming an affordable, high-performance backup option, with next-gen VTL implementations overcoming many early solution faults. This white paper is for IT organizations that need 1 GB/s and reliable backup of terabytes of data. Benefits include; faster backup & restore times, seamless integration with existing backup, the flexibility to be used as primary backup or intermediary between primary systems & archival tape, and scalability without degradation of performance. This paper describes DataDirect Networks’ (DDN) VTL Solution, which supports extremely high ingest rates, and supports high-speed transfer of backup data to archival tape through its superior performance of large sequential I/Os. It also allows time-shifting for more efficient backups and elimination of multiple tape auto-loaders. Using SATA drives, DDN VTLS provides major benefits as a cost-effective VTL platform through fast backup & recovery, reliability, and management.
Storage Solutions That Enable Semiconductor Design For Manufactuing (DFM)
Today’s EDA tools are straining existing computing and storage resources and require a storage solution designed for very high performance and massive storage needs. This paper is for chip vendors, EDA tool vendors, mask merchants, and foundries seeking in excess of 1GB/s sustained throughput and storage capacities of 100TB or more, with superior read/write performance, reliability, and scalability. Semiconductor pre-production processes, driven by shrinking process technologies, require the use of high-performance cluster computing, support for massive file sizes, and the ability to sustain very high performance I/O with faultless streaming during photomask preparation and production. This paper outlines how DataDirect Networks’ storage solution, provides an ideal solution for computing environments that need to keep pace with the exponential increases in data size, complexity, and compute requirements brought about by ever-shrinking node sizes.