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PostPath has developed the industry’s first natively compatible alternative to Microsoft Exchange. Fully interoperable with the Exchange ecosystem, PostPath’s email and collaboration server provides enterprises a lean, high-performance messaging infrastructure, a radically improved cost-model, and an innovation-rich upgrade path for traditional and Linux-friendly messaging environments.
Email and Collaboration Server
PostPath, Inc. is the creator of the commercially-supported Linux-based PostPath Server™ - an email and collaboration server that is the only plug-compatible drop-in alternative to Microsoft Exchange™. Given corporations substantial existing investments in Exchange and potential need to support additional Exchange-compatible applications in future, in many cases enterprises require any alternative email server to be “drop-in” – when deployed, it must not to require changes to desktops or infrastructure. To enable a smooth transition and managed migration to a new system, it is required that it operates seamlessly at the server-to-server level, so that during a period of co-existence users of the new system can work effectively with users who are still hosted on Exchange™. PostPath Server supports Exchange-compatible network protocols.