Joe Landman Archive

Joe Landman runs a Scalable Informatics, a high performance computing solutions company located in Canton Michigan. He has been working on HPC systems since 1986, and in a vendor/user role since 1995. He has worked at IBM Research, SGI/Cray, and MSC.Software before starting Scalable Informatics. He has a Ph.D. in computational physics, and has worked on algorithm acceleration and code tuning, parallelism, and lots of other things to squeeze speed out of systems, and reduce time to solution and insight.
Computing In The Clouds: Setting Expectations
Does Cloud Computing have a play in HPC? Join us for a pragmtic view of "the cloud" and how it may expand the horizons of HPC.
MPI in Thirty Minutes
Learn how to obtain, build, and use an MPI stack for Linux machines. This tutorial will take you from "hello world" to parallel matrix multiplication in a matter of minutes.
OpenMP in 30 Minutes
Adding more cores doesn't guarantee your programs will go faster: You need to tell the programs how to use the cores. We'll show you how to use OpenMP to speed up your code in just 30 minutes.
Up In 60 Minutes: Hassle Free Provisioning of HPC Clusters
Here is your challenge. You have a need for speed, your current computing power is insufficient for the task at hand. You have some large number of calculations to perform, and very little time to achieve this goal. Can you solve this problem? Cost effectively? Quickly?