Network Engines Archive

Network Engines appliances ease deployment and enhance the manageability and security of mission-critical software applications. Our heritage of providing products and services tailored to support and manage the entire lifecycle of our customers’ appliances has made us the appliance partner of choice for software market leaders. Founded in 1997, Network Engines is headquartered in Canton, Mass., and trades on the NASDAQ exchange under the symbol NENG. For more information about the company’s products and services, visit www.networkengines.com.
Appliance Certified Edition (ACE) Linux
This white paper is intended for software company leaders responsible for their companies’ application development and delivery strategies, and who are considering a Linux implementation. It introduces Network Engines’ Appliance Certified Edition (ACE) Linux distribution and highlights its main features and benefits. It also provides a framework for comparing ACE Linux against alternatives in the marketplace. This information will help these individuals to choose the Linux distribution best suited to their application and will enable their organizations to produce Linux appliances in a better, faster and less expensive way.
Shipping Your Software Application as an Appliance
This white paper from Network Engines explains the fundamental characteristics of the appliance model and its advantages over traditional methods of software delivery, installation and management. It highlights the benefits appliances provide to software companies and enterprise customers. It also covers the capabilities software companies should look for in their potential server appliance manufacturing partners, as well as a few things to avoid.