Radiant Data Archive

Radiant Data Corporation is a company dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions for continuous data availability. Radiant Data software makes it possible to dynamically share any kind of data with network-wide consistency among any number of sites. Our PeerFSâ„¢ platform is the first peer-to-peer software solution that enables secure, semi-synchronous replication of data and guarantees consistency of that data among all copies throughout your network, sensing and replicating only the data that has changed. p>
The Evolution of Data Replication
The Evolution of Data Replication - Data replication has expanded out of the realm of business continuance and has begun to address a much broader set of business issues. In turn, these business issues have placed pressure back on the data replication technologies to become richer and to do more. This paper will attempt to identify the key characteristics of today’s replication methodologies so that you, the reader, will be better equipped to choose an approach that is right for you.