BalaBit IT Security Archive

BalaBit IT Security is a developer of network security solutions satisfying the highest standards. BalaBit was founded and is currently owned by Hungarian individuals. Its main products are the syslog-ng system logging software, which is the most widely used alternative syslog solution of the world; Zorp, a modular proxy gateway capable of inspecting over twenty protocols, including encrypted ones like SSL and SSH, and the BalaBit Shell Control Box, an appliance that can transparently control, audit, and replay SSH, RDP, and Telnet traffic.
PCI compliance and forensics in auditing remote server access
This paper discusses the advantages of using BalaBit Shell Control Box (SCB) to control remote access to your UNIX/Linux servers and Windows Terminal Services. SCB can transparently control, audit and replay the Secure Shell (SSH) and Remote Desktop (RDP) protocols commonly used to remotely access and manage servers. The document is recommended for technical experts and decision-makers working on auditing server-administration processes for policy compliance (e.g., PCI-DSS), or for forensics situations in case of security incidents.
Collecting syslog messages into an SQL database with syslog-ng Premium Edition
This paper describes the advantages of using syslog-ng Premium Edition to collect system log (syslog) messages in an SQL database, such as Oracle or MySQL