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By day, chromatic is a F/OSS guru and editor at O'Reilly Media. By night, he hacks Perl and Parrot and writes books, both fiction and non-fiction.
Programming Reusable PIR: Learn how to write and test PIR subroutines
PIR is Parrot's native programming language. In this conclusion of his series, chromatic presents a variety of techniques to program and validate subroutines. Learn how to create libraries and test your code in this hands-on primer.
Programming PIR: Build applications in Parrot’s native programming language
Parrot is not just a virtual machine for running dynamic languages; it also includes several tools for building dynamic languages, including a grammars engine and a tree transformation system. Currently, all of these tools are available through PIR, Parrot's native programming language.
A Tour of Parrot
Besides serving as what is hoped to be an appropriate and effective platform for Perl 6 and other languages, Parrot is a grand experiment. Is there a better way to write a compiler than using the lex and yacc model? Can languages interoperate at a deeper level than sharing a set of calling conventions? Here are some answers.