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GridwiseTech is the vendor-independent expert in scalable solutions helping customers in speeding up data processing, removing application bottlenecks and building complete scalable systems. The company introduce modern concepts of Grid, virtualization, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and application-driven portals. GridwiseTech offers management consulting as well as comprehensive technical assistance in integration of multi-vendor components. The company is present in Europe, Asia and the US, serving a wide variety of clients ranging from Fortune Global 500 companies to small and medium enterprises, to research and government agencies.
Implementing a High Performance Service Oriented Architecture
This white paper describes how to integrate Objectivity/DB within SOA to create a platform approach to Web Services-based data storage. The two technologies can be combined to form a synergistic relationship, allowing users to capitalize on the scalable, high-throughput performance of Objectivity/DB and the loosely coupled, interoperable and secure communications channels found in SOA. The paper highlights numerous possibilities that arise with the integration of the two technologies, including the ability to: - construct customer business work-flows that will process complex data in real-time, - design services that can dynamically operate, maintain and manage databases and data, or - provide a secure Web Service interface and broaden the pool of applications with access to data in a flexible, distributed architecture.