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Voltaire designs and develops server and storage switching and software solutions that enable high-performance grid computing within the data center. Our solutions allow one or more discrete computing clusters to be linked together as a single unified computing resource, or fabric. We create this unified fabric by integrating high-performance switching with dynamic management and provisioning software.
Voltaire & Wombat Partner To Create Market Data Delivery Solutions for the Next Generation Data Cetr
Business units across the capital markets want to maximize the effectiveness of their trading algorithms and strategies by advancing the speed with which they receive prices and related data from the global markets. Voltaire and Wombat joined forces to deliver a combined solution that sets the new standard for end-to-end latency minimization, improved capacity and greater scalability across commodity servers for market data infrastructures. Wombat and Voltaire now offer the ability to deploy Wombat Financial Software’s market connectivity and messaging platform across servers connected by Voltaire’s multi-service director-class switches that leverage the InfiniBand standard. This paper addresses Wombat and Voltaire’s new approach to market data solutions and provides a high-level overview of the joint solution.