Eric Allen, David Chase, Christine Flood, Victor Luchangco, Jan-Willem Maessen, Sukyoung Ryu, Guy L. Steele Jr. Archive

Eric Allen (PhD, Rice University 2003) is a Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems, Inc. He is concerned with the design, formal analysis, and implementation of new language features to increase program robustness and programmer productivity. David Chase (PhD, Rice University 1988) is a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Mi- crosystems, Inc. He has worked on Fortress since 2003. Christine H. Flood (BS, Pennsylvania State University 1986) is a Member of the Technical Staff at Sun Microsystems, Inc. At Sun she has worked on various JVM implementation issues including co-inventing a new parallel work stealing Garbage Collection algorithm. Jan-Willem Maessen (PhD, MIT 2002) joined Sun Microsystems in 2003 when the Programming Languages Research Group formed. Victor Luchangco (Sc.D, MIT 2001) is a member of the Scalable Synchronization Research Group and the Programming Languages Research Group of Sun Microsystems Laboratories. Sukyoung Ryu (PhD, KAIST, 2001) is a Member of Technical Staff in Sun Microsystems Laboratories, where she works on formally designing and developing the Fortress programming language. Guy L. Steele Jr. (PhD, MIT, 1980) is a Sun Fellow at Sun Microsystems, Inc. In 1975 he co-invented the Scheme programming language at MIT with Prof. Gerald Jay Sussman.
Project Fortress: A Multi-core Language for Multi-core Processors
The world of multicore processing is coming soon, requiring new languages and programming techniques to leverage it smoothly. Fortress could be our best hope for doing just that.