Concurrent Computer Corporation Archive

Concurrent (NASDAQ: CCUR) is a leading provider of high-performance, real-time Linux software and solutions for commercial and government markets. For 40 years Concurrent\’s best-of-breed products have enabled a range of time-critical solutions including: modeling and simulation, high speed data acquisition, visual imaging, low latency transaction processing and on-demand television. Concurrent\’s on-demand television applications are utilized by major service providers in the cable and IPTV industries to deliver video-on-demand (VOD)services. Concurrent is a global company with regional offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and has products actively deployed in more than 24 countries.
RealTime Linux: The RedHawk Approach
While the majority of Concurrent's past real-time solutions delivered over 40 years were proprietary, Concurrent fully embraced free and open source software in 2000 and shifted focus to a new real-time product based on GNU/Linux called RedHawk Linux. A key goal of RedHawk is to provide the same level of real-time support that Concurrent's existing customer base depends upon, while leveraging open source software with minimal modifications in order to reduce development costs. RedHawk meets Concurrent customer requirements and allows for continuous Linux updates by providing features and software layers that isolate applications from the dramatic level of change occurring in the Linux community. This paper offers insight on how Concurrent delivers a RedHawk kernel that combines the best of PREEMPT_RT with Concurrent's locally developed features to provide customers with a very powerful and versatile environment for developing deterministic and low-latency real-time applications.