Coverity, Inc. Archive

Coverity (www.coverity.com), the leader in improving software quality and security, is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Coverity’s groundbreaking technology removes barriers to delivering complex software by automating the identification and resolution of critical defects and security vulnerabilities in C/C++ and Java source code. More than 350 leading companies have chosen Coverity Prevent™ because it scales to tens of millions of lines of code, has the lowest false positive rate in the industry and provides total path coverage. Companies like Ericsson, HP, Samsung, EMC, and Symantec work with Coverity to eliminate security and quality defects from their mission-critical systems.
Controlling Software Complexity
Because software bugs cost customers and vendors billions of dollars every year and exploited software vulnerabilities are consistently making headlines, companies need to take a closer look at their software development processes.
Fixing Software on the Assembly Line
Want to know how Coverity’s static source code analysis technology works? This technical white paper will provide everything a developer will need to know in gory detail.
Ensuring Code Quality in Multi-Threaded Applications
Are you developing multi-threaded applications? This technical white paper reviews dangerous concurrency defects such as Race Conditions and Deadlocks you need to be wary of.