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Since 1982, Microway has provided: * Industry Leading, High Quality Clusters and WhisperStations * High Speed InfiniBand Network Interconnects and Switches * Sophisticated Software for Cluster Management and InfiniBand Diagnostics * Legendary Service and Tech Support
Low Latency Modular Switches for InfiniBand.
Microway has developed a family of InfiniBand-based FasTreeTM switches that work with conventional HCAs and the PathScale’s InfiniPathTM connector. The first switch in the family employs a pair of Mellanox 24-port 4X InfiniScaleIIITM devices. It can be used to build low-latency switches in the 32- to 1008-port range or as a building block used to create large distributed non-blocking “fat tree” networks. When building large switched networks, the use of FasTree components for leaf nodes and spines has a number of advantages over the popular monolithic fat tree design. The advantages include modularity, reduced latency, extensibility, and improved cable management.