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Panasas is the leading supplier of high performance storage solutions for organizations deploying Linux clusters. The company makes parallel storage systems designed to improve application performance. Our ActiveStor Parallel Storage Cluster, ActiveScale® PanFS™ parallel file system and PanSelect Professional Services have established Panasas as the leader in object-based, parallel storage. We are the only company offering clustered storage systems that enable users to parallelize the data paths to storage and break the I/O bottleneck created by legacy network storage technologies. This helps engineers and scientists accelerate their time to results and helps companies get products to market sooner.
RAID For the 21st Century
When RAID was first invented the capacity of disk drives was measured in hundreds of megabytes; today, terabyte-sized drives are beginning to appear. Large drives take much longer to rebuild than their smaller predecessors. Application performance degradation that occurs during a RAID rebuild is intolerable for any important operational system. Since the number of disk media failures expected during each read over the surface of a disk grows proportionately with the massive increase in density, media defects in these large drives increase the likelihood of a catastrophic RAID failure and loss of all data. Commercial sites running thousands of concurrent users or processes can avoid the penalties these large disks impose, while taking advantage of their performance, scalability, and availability in an easily managed and cost-efficient fashion.