Khurram Shiraz Archive

Khurram Shiraz is senior system Administrator at KMEFIC, Kuwait. In his eight years of IT experience, he has worked mainly with IBM technologies and products especially AIX, HACMP Clustering, Tivoli and IBM SAN/ NAS Storage. He also has worked with IBM Integrated Technology Services group. His area of expertise includes design and implementation of high availability, security and DR solutions based on AIX, Linux, and windows infrastructure. He can be reached at aix_tiger@yahoo.com.
Enhance Security with Port Knocking
The author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten left out (at least) one important lesson: Secret knocks are really, really useful. As kids, we'd use secret knocks to keep undesirables (the kids we didn't like) out of our clubs or rooms. As system administrators, we can use secret knocks to protect our systems from crackers.