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Specialists in Linux data center automation, Levanta marries virtualization technology with comprehensive Linux life–cycle management. Levanta’s Linux data center automation solutions offer system monitoring, a configurable policy engine, and automated change control, delivering dramatically faster and more flexible control of Linux on both physical and virtual machines. Levanta’s turnkey solutions drastically reduce time to implementation, enable your business to be more agile and responsive to change, automatically allocate resources, roll–out new applications faster, increase application availability, improve service levels, and reduce TCO.
Overcoming Challenges in Managing Linux
The introduction of Linux brought the promise of a new level of cost-efficiency and flexibility in enterprise IT environments. But as Linux systems scale, management typically becomes unwieldy. The prohibitive cost of managing large installations over time, making sure every single server is running right, rolling out updates and security patches, even up to thousands of servers, has gotten in the way of achieving Linux’s full potential. The core challenges include massive heterogeneity, sheer volume of equipment and data, and lack of nimble management tools. Levanta has created a new administration model with innovative technology that breaks down the barriers to making the most of Linux systems. This paper will provide an in-depth look at the workings of Levanta’s product, the first Linux appliance of its kind.