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Product Picks: Tasque, Wine 1.0, Epiphany, Komodo
Get stuff done, run Win apps, and write more code with this edition of Product Picks.
Linux Magazine’s Top 20 Companies to Watch in 2007
We pick the companies that are defining the future of Information Technology and will have the most impact on the Open Enterprises of 2007. It's the inaugural edition of our 20 Companies to Watch list and we guarantee that every company here will challenge how you think about Linux and Open Source before the year is out.
Bull Announces the Acquisition of its Italian Subsidiary by Eunics
PARIS, December 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Bull today announced having signed and executed an agreement with Eunics SpA, the Italian IT service provider and subsidiary of Eutelia SpA, for the sale of 100% of Bull Italia SpA, the Italian subsidiary of Group Bull. The companies have entered into a 5-year exclusive distribution agreement covering all Bull's products lines in Italy. Financial terms of the agreement are not being disclosed.
CodeWeavers Partners With The Douglas Stewart Company to Grow Sales of CrossOver Mac
ST. PAUL, Minn., Dec. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- CodeWeavers, Inc., the leading developer of software products that turn Mac OS X and Linux into Windows-compatible operating systems, today announced a partnership with The Douglas Stewart Company aimed at bringing CodeWeavers' upcoming CrossOver Mac to colleges and universities across North America. The new relationship is expected to generate thousands of new unit sales of CrossOver Mac, a product which enables users to run popular Windows applications natively on the Mac OS X operating system.
Nortel Internet Telephony Transports Your Business to Next Generation Success
One thing is clear: Nortel Networks’ Internet Telephony is the wave of the future, and its proven Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology can boost your business performance and accelerate your business success today.
The latest news and products from the high-tech battlefield
OIN gets more patents, the Netherlands builds an enormous and enormously-fast grid, and Google’s Picasa for Linux goes alpha
The latest news from the high-tech battlefield.
MySQL AB rakes in the cash, The Apache Foundation updates its namesake server, and Fedora Core 5 makes its debut.
Turning a Linux Cluster into a Supercomputer
While a Linux cluster offers a cost-effective alternative for numerous enterprise and technical computing applications, its price/performance for high-performance computing (HPC) applications can be substantially worse. Why?
openSUSE launches; OSDL premieres its patent commons; and Japan pursues petaflops
openSUSE launches; OSDL premieres its patent commons; and Japan pursues petaflops
The Latest from the High-Tech World
Monarch ships dual-core Opteron machines; the Cell processor goes open source; and XAMPP makes a better LAMP.
Fine Wine: Jeremy White Interview
Improving Wine "until it can run nearly every Windows program."
News from the High-Tech Battlefield
Linux on the Nintendo DS, Linux in Good Hands, and A Very Large Small Drive
The Latest News from the High-Tech World
Munich choose free software; MySQL encourages" free data"; and Opteron gets openMosix.
Perfect for the Mad Scientist: Quantian Linux
A Linux to crunch planetary orbits, a mini-PC, and more.
== Over the past few years, commodity computing solutions — the Linux operating system, Intel x86 and compatible processors, and open and de facto standards-based networking, storage, and peripheral hardware — have become capable enough that they now rival or surpass the equivalent proprietary products. Today, businesses can mix and match components from different vendors, can adopt and extend infrastructure using free and open source software, and, in general, can exert much greater control over complex and costly issues like upgrades and customization. As a result, enterprise computing centers in all industries continue to aggressively replace and expand aging systems with commodity technology. Of course, technology of any kind is only valuable if it's reliable, responsive, suitable, and effective in generating results. As with all significant purchases, making informed decisions is key. Yet, if there's one issue impeding even more rapid adoption of Linux and commodity information technology, it's the dearth of practical and pragmatic information about how to apply Linux to business problems. Indeed, vertical industries, such as Government, Retail & Telecom, have no source of information focused solely on deploying and tuning Linux to meet their unique requirements. UNTIL NOW. Linux Magazine is pleased to announce Linux Solutions. Linux Solutions is an integrated educational & marketing program delivering critical Linux information to IT executives in the Government, Retail & Telecom industries. In conjunction with FOSE, Retail Systems and SuperComm, Linux Solutions will provide best practice recommendations and comparative analyses from industry experts, plus end-user case studies, through the following media properties: Linux Solutions Conferences at each industry tradeshow Linux Pavilions at each industry tradeshow Linux Solutions Guides in the April (Government), May (Retail) & June (Telecom) issues of Linux Magazine ==