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Networking Problems, Setting IP Ranges
With the advent of a number of GUI configuration tools, the basic networking tools are being further abstracted from the everyday user. Here are a number of "back to basics" troubleshooting tips to help you identify where problems could be originating.
Console Displays in VGA, Mounting Filesystems
Absolutely! Many people wonder if it's possible to change the video mode that console-level text is normally displayed in. The answer is, "Yes."
Viewing and Planning Partitions
If you are dual-booting Windows and Linux, you may wish to be able to access your Windows filesystem from Linux. For the most part, this is fairly trivial. Basically, it involves ensuring that kernel support is present for the filesystem type that you wish to be able to mount.
Tweaking Apache, TCP_wrappers
For those of you who might not know, PHP stands for "PHP: Hypertext PreProcessor." It allows you to embed scripting code into a normal HTML file. The Web server will execute those bits of code, then send back the resulting HTML file.
Granting Privileges, Using Force
Is There a Good Way to Grant root Permissions on a Limited Basis?
File Sharing, RPMs, DHCP
Network File System (NFS) is a file-sharing mechanism that allows for the relatively seamless sharing of files across multiple networked machines. It works by allowing client systems to mount an NFS "share" (as in "shared disk") from an NFS server as though it were a local disk.
Adding a Processor, Using WinMondems
When I add another processor will Linux automatically use it, or do I need to do something else?
IP Aliasing, Virtual Memory, fuser and strobe Commands
How do I get multiple IP addresses on a single network card?
Managing Processes with ps and top
I've heard that ps can do some really neat stuff. Care to elaborate?