Avocent Corporation Archive

Avocent® was formed in 2000 from the merger of the world’s two largest KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switch manufacturers: Apex and Cybex Computer Products Corporation. Our unique integration of hardware, software and embedded technologies provides a single interface to quickly and efficiently manage your IT infrastructure. We help you solve system problems anytime, anywhere, no matter the location or health of your servers or network devices.
Five Major Power Distribution Considerations for Data Center Racks
Power densities and power corruption costs in data centers are rising. Learn what to consider when choosing the appropriate power distribution products at the rack level.
Improving Business Continuity for the Remote Office
Can you cost justify complete infrastructure redundancy across multiple sites for the sake of improved business continuity? Learn about other ways to insure your IT is always on.
How to select a KVM over IP system to assist with HIPAA compliance
Effective security for health care information requires a multi-layered approach. Physical, logical and operational security are essential ingredients for successful compliance with HIPAA.
Out-of-Band Management: the Integrated Approach to Remote IT Infrastructure Management
Learn why out-of-band management is a more efficient way to cut costs and improve service levels and productivity.
Unleashing the Power of iLo, IPMI and Other Service Processors
Learn how consolidated remote server management technologies such as Avocent service processors managers can provide the increased availability that your business demands.
Challenges and Solutions for Centralized Remote Office Management
Learn about Simple Remote Management Infrastructure(SRMI)-- a comprehensive suite of out-of-band remote office management tools for managing branch offices.
Managing the Virtualized Data Center
Virtual servers provide significant benefits, as well as new management challenges. Discover how Avocent's management solutions can address the needs of the virtualized server environment.
Virtual Media: Optimizing the Efficiency and Security of Data Center Operations
Virtual Media addresses operational efficiency and security. Learn how Virtual Media can keep you out of the data center and still improve management, security, and overall working environment.