Jeremy Wischusen Archive

Jeremy Wischusen has over 12 years experience designing websites and applications such clients as myYearbook.com, HBO and others. In the past, he taught web design for clients such as Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and The Vanguard Group and is currently an instructor at the University of the Arts department of continuing education in Philadelphia teaching web design and ActionScript. Jeremy is also an active member of the Flashkit online flash community where he has composed several tutorial on Object Oriented ActionScript. Currently Jeremy works for GoAmerica as a Flex/Flash PHP Developer.
The Adobe AIR File API
Typical browser applications cannot access the local filesystem. However, Adobe AIR applications can, giving those applications a distinct advantage. Learn how the AIR File API works and build an application that can read and write from a local disk. Someday, your browser will do the very same thing.