Mark H. Webbink Archive

Mark H. Webbink is Deputy General Counsel for Red Hat, Inc.
Patent Sanity
Finally, the United States Congress and the United States Supreme Court take action to reign in a patent system gone haywire.
Export Control
Like it or not, simply electing to share more rights (rather than fewer) under copyright and patent law doesn’t exempt you from other national laws.
Keeping Score
How many lawyers does it take to write this month’s column? Just one very smart one. Here’s a summary of legislation, litigation, and intellectual agitation from around the globe.
Updates from the Front
There’s never a dull moment in Open Source.
The Year of the Patent?
2006 may be the year that the United States’s patent system rights some of its many wrongs. One can only hope.
A Patent Commons
The best defense is a good offense: the best deterrence to a patent threat is a robust patent portfolio that a potentially threatening party may infringe.
Patent Reform, American Style
The United States is considering reforms to its patent system. Without participation from developers, though, the scales may be tipped against Open Source. It’s time to participate in government the way you write code: just dive in and do it.