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Programming with Qt, Part 3
In this third and final installment on introductory Qt programming, let's take a look at two graphical development tools that are part of the Qt framework: the GUI editor Qt Designer and the foreign language translation tool Qt Linguist.
Programming with Qt, Part 2
In the previous installment of this series, we implemented two very simple example programs, which nevertheless demonstrated quite a few of the core concepts of Qt programming. This month, let's will take a step back and look at some of the fundamentals of programming with Qt.
Programming with Qt, Part 1
Qt is a set of C++ libraries and development tools commercially developed and distributed by Trolltech of Norway. Qt is available for different platforms (Win32, most flavors of Unix/Linux, as well as Mac OS X), and in several editions, including the Free Edition that's free of charge for the development of free and open source software. Trolltech's Free Edition has all of the same features of its Enterprise Edition -- at no cost!