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Retail’s True Believers
Retail systems are a strange lot of machines that include everything from fast food cash registers, to in-store servers, to mainframes. While UNIX, Windows, and DOS have traditionally powered your local department or hardware store, there's more than a handful of companies turning to the Penguin to cash-in on the many benefits of Linux. Cha-ching!
MySQL: Smaller, Smarter, Faster — Everywhere
Here's our exclusive interview with the co-creator of the world's leading open source database.
The Year of the Linux Desktop:
2003 will be marked by the emergence of three new enterprise desktop offerings. Corporations seem interested, especially with Microsoft boosting prices. So, once again, we ask: Is this the year of the Linux desktop?
Linux’s Perfect Storm
The highly-competitive financial industry has a history of adopting IT trends ahead of the curve. The Street's forecast for Linux? A strong buy.
Microsoft’s Power Play:
PCs that incorporate Palladium, Microsoft's design for a trusted computer, would provide a wide variety of desireable security features. But the consequences of realizing Palladium, whether intentional or not, threaten the viability and future of Open Source software.
The Great Dictator: An Interview with Linus Torvalds
He may be benevolent and he may be delegating more work, but the Linux kernel remains Linus's project.
Linux’s Proprietary Booster
Larry Ellison is a man with many opinions and interests. But if there's one thing he's focused on right now, it's forging "Unbreakable" alliances within the Linux community.
Getting Into the Grid
Tying a LAN of computers together to do cooperative work isn't a new idea. Combining several thousand computers spread across the globe into a commodity service like water or electricity is. But is the "computing grid" ready for us to plug in? Here's a report.
The Capitalist in the Penguin Suit
Never one to mince words, Sun Microsystem's CEO shares his thoughts on Linux, Java, working with the Open Source community, and of course, Microsoft.
Natural Open Source
Open Source is about to change your life. Find out how it could even affect your genetic structure.
Associating with Linux:
The CEO of one of the largest software companies in the world plans 50 Linux applications by year's end. Here's why.
The Importance of Being Debian
Commercial Linux distributions have come and gone, but through it all, the non-commercial Debian project has forged ahead. Here's a look at where it's been and where it's going.
Growing Pains:
Even in the world of operating systems, inbreeding is a bad thing. James Gosling, Java's creator, explains why heterogeneity is good and how Linux and Java contribute to it.
Snake Charmer
Python has become one of the open source community's most popular scripting languages. Guido van Rossum, Python's creator, shares his thoughts on where it's going.
The Messenger: An Interview with Jabber’s Creator, Jeremie Miller
Jabber stands on the brink of becoming a general-purpose mechanism for allowing people, devices, and programs to interact. How will it play with .NET? Jeremie Miller, Jabber's inventor, offers his thoughts.
Building a Better Duct Tape
What began with coffee mugs being hurled across a hotel meeting room has resulted in a complete redesign of the Perl programming language. Larry Wall shares his thoughts on the future of Perl.
Our Man in Palo Alto: Talking with Bruce Perens
Bruce Perens is one of Linux's most visible evangelists. Here he shares his views on everything from open source challenges HP faces to the danger the term Open Source poses to Free Software.
Linux on Super Chips
What do Intel and AMD have planned for Linux? And where does Transmeta fit
Linux Chameleon: An Interview with Dirk Hohndel
Dirk Hohndel, SuSE's CTO, shares his thoughts on the differences between the
Samba Lessons: An Interview with Andrew Tridgell
Samba has been called Linux's stealth weapon -- the killer app that allows Linux to replace Windows file servers. Samba's creator, Andrew Tridgell, talks about the origins of Samba and the future of Open Source.
The Guru
Dennis Ritchie, the father of the C programming language and one of the co-creators of Unix, shares his thoughts on the open source development model, Linux, and the legacy of Unix.
Sharing the Dot In Dot-Com
Sun Microsystems cannot ignore the open source community, and the open source community cannot ignore Sun. While Sun's history with open source is slightly checkered, the times do seem to be a changin'.
Red Hat Software is a true trailblazer in the open source community. We spoke with Red H
What makes a successful open source company? If there's one corporation worth examining to answer this question, it's Red Hat. Since awakening the financial community to the open source phenomenon with its remarkable IPO in August of 1999, Red Hat has steadily been writing the book on how to build a Linux business. Linux Magazine's Adam Goodman, Robert McMillan, and Chris Somerville recently caught up with Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik to discuss the lessons learned during his company's first year and a half as a public company. Szulik, a mild-mannered Bostonian who had recently shaved his head for a charity, has seen a fair bit in his first year at the helm: A dozen acquisitions, executive flight (CFO and CTO), and a stock that soared to $300/ share and then plummeted to 1/30th of that value. But in the end, he says, it's the future, not the money, that motivates him each day.
Sparking the Embedded Revolution:
Does Linux really spell the end of proprietary embedded operating systems? Lineo CEO Bryan Sparks certainly thinks so -- and he's doing everything he can to make it happen.
To GNOME founders Miguel de Icaza and Nat Friedman, open source software is all about people. Here they share their thoughts on Free Software development, the GNOME and KDE projects, and their new company, Helix Code.
The Meaning of GNOME
GNOME is much more than just a desktop environment for Linux. It has emerged as a standard around which many traditional Unix vendors have begun to coalesce and has become a shining example of how the open source community can work together with commercial vendors.
There’s Something About Linus
With all the talk about Linux fragmenting, and debate over whether it will ever scale to the enterprise, the man who started this whole fracas remains a pillar of calm through it all. We talk to Linus about the changing Linux community, his thoughts on the future of Linux, and how his life has changed in the past two years.
The Future of Linux
The last couple of years have been a wild time for Linux. But, when you peel away all the hype, what progress has Linux really made in the marketplace? And, where is it going from here?
The Love of Linux
Ransom Love's Caldera Linux Systems became a powerhouse overnight when it acquired traditional Unix vendor SCO. Step two is leveraging SCO's technology to help Linux scale to the enterprise.
Have You Met My Crazy Uncle K?
OK, I'm a sucker for the melodramatics, and I got goose bumps on August 15, 2000. I was sitting in the most unlikely place for this to occur -- the pressroom at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in San Jose, CA. At the podium was Sun Microsystems' Marco Boerries. What caused the shiver to run up my spine was the fact that he was talking about how his company was about to dump its venerable CDE in favor of the GNOME desktop.
Friendly, Big and Blue
More then any other large traditional technology company, IBM has embraced the open source community. But what is their long-term strategy for Linux? Read on...
The Great Slashdot Sellout
Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda and Jeff "Hemos" Bates share their thoughts on growing up, getting famous, and the responsibility that comes with having the biggest megaphone in the world.
Austin Power
If you thought Dell Computer Corp. was all about Windows, think again. Michael Dell gives us the inside scoop on his company's Linux strategy.
Eazel on Down the Road
Three core members of the original Apple Macintosh team are building the next generation GUI for Linux. And reinventing the open source business model along the way.
Desktop Player:
Corel's CEO Michael Cowpland is going after Microsoft on its home turf --
Open Source – The Next Generation:
Will all technology vendors be doing open source
The Watchdog
Jon "Maddog" Hall is the guy that companies like IBM and HP go to when they want to find out how to do the right thing by the Linux community. Hey, with a name like Maddog, they sure don't want to get on his bad side...
How does a tiny company from Utah develop into the most significant
Apache Power
Brian Behlendorf was the first Webmaster at Wired Magazine, and he went on to become a founding member of the Apache Web Server Project. Now, as the driving force behind Collab.net, Inc., Brian has a chance to change the way software is developed.
The Cat In The Red Hat: An Interview with Bob Young
Don't call it the next Microsoft. If things go Bob Young's way, people will think of Red Hat as the Wal-Mart of the open source world.
Tim Machine
Though his company publishes some of the best Linux books out there, Tim O'Reilly says Apache, not Linux, is the battle ground for the open source revolution.
Live Free or Die
Since heading up the Open Source Initiative, Eric Raymond has become one of the most prominent advocates of open source software.
The Last Agnostics
The guys who gave Linux its very own 800 number look to serve the Fortune 1000, without losing perspective.
Kernel Driver
The Guru himself gives us his take on Open Source Software, kernel hacking, and why he'll never work in Redmond.