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Koo, Koo, Ka-KooBox

Koo, Koo, Ka-KooBox

Lindows.com has launched the KooBox, an all-in-one computer system that includes a flat-panel LCD monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse, CD player, network card, modem, and LindowsPlus, which provides more than 1,500 applications from the company’s Click-N-Run Warehouse (http://www.lindows.com/cnr), all for a base price of $449.


For those needing more than what the standard KooBox offers, KooBox also comes in a Deluxe version with triple the hard drive capacity, an upgraded processor, twice as much RAM, a DVD/CD-RW drive, a 3D graphics card, upgraded audio capabilities, upgraded speakers, and DVD playback software for $669.

The KooBox includes a 90-day warranty, but an extra $59 purchases an optional Premium System Support warranty with 24/7 toll-free support and next-day, in-home technician service. The plan can be purchased for up to four years. A full list of details and technical specifications about KooBox is available at http://www.koobox.com/indexSPECS.html.

News from Around Linux World

Dell announced that the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, has selected Dell to provide more than 1,450 servers for a large-scale, high-performance computing cluster. The Intel Xeon- and Red Hat Linux-based cluster is expected to have a peak performance of 17.7 teraflops (17.7 trillion calculations per second), making it one of the world’s fastest supercomputers when compared to the peak performance of the machines listed on the most recently released Top 500 list (http://www.top500.org).

SGI said that it will extend the scalability of its Altix 3000 servers to encompass a record 128 processors within a single instance of Linux. SGI, which already provides 64-processor (Itanium 2) Altix 3000 systems, intends to site-test 128-processor systems with national laboratories and leading universities around the world. Initial results of testing in customer laboratories are expected as this magazine goes to press.

Sun Microsystems and SuSE Linux launched a global alliance to co-promote Java and SuSE Linux. Under the terms of the agreement, SuSE will become a Java 2 Standard Edition source licensee and will distribute Sun’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Reciprocally, Sun will sell, ship, and provide full customer support for SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 on Sun’s Intel-based systems.

Novell purchased four-year-old Linux start-up Ximian. The deal, estimated to be worth $15-$20 million, will likely leave Ximian as an independently operating subsidiary. Ximian president and CEO David Patrick will assume the role of general manager of Novell’s new Ximian Services business unit; Miguel de Icaza will remain as CTO.

In Brief…

Metrowerks has added kernel-level debugging capabilities to its comprehensive line of development tools for Linux. Metrowerks also launched CodeWarrior Development Studio for Sharp Zaurus Application Development, Version 1. The integrated development environment (IDE) allows developers to author code on a Windows desktop and then deploy applications directly to the Sharp Zaurus device… The

Open Palmtop Integrated Environment

(Opie) version 1.0 is now available, offering a standardized, Linux-based platform for a variety of handheld devices from multiple manufacturers. Opie is available free of charge under the GPL, and works on Sharp’s Zaurus line and on most HP iPAQ handhelds…

Terra Soft Solutions

, a company that specializes in running Linux on Macs, has landed a deal to supply the U.S. Navy with 260 Apple Xserve servers running Yellow Dog Linux. The machines will be used as part of a sonar imaging system that defense contractor Lockheed Martin is building for the Navy. Terra Soft is one of a handful of Linux companies that’s authorized to sell Apple gear…


has struck a strategic alliance with SGI to tie the MySQL open source database with the SGI Altix 3000 family of servers and superclusters…

VA Software

has licensed its SourceForge Enterprise Edition 3.3 collaborative software development platform to IBM’s Linux Technology Center. More than 2,000 open-source developers are registered to participate in the technology center, which is used to further Linux development in business computing. Terms of the IBM and VA deal were not disclosed.



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