Go Query Yourself! The MySQL 5 Challenge!

To assist the MySQL 5.0 QA process, MySQL AB is looking for as many users as possible to test 5.0 in general, and specifically key features such as stored procedures, views, triggers. See this article for details. There will be cool MySQL goodies (T-shirts, mugs, books) for users who are the most helpful either directly with 5.0 testing, or indirectly by informing other users about 5.0. For instance: The best or most (5.0 feature related) bug reports at bugs.mysql.com The most helpful people on related MySQL forums at forums.mysql.com The best MySQL 5.0 related articles (magazine or online) or dedicated web site The most informational/inspiring blog entries on MySQL 5.0 topics. Rules: All bugs reported, articles published, etc by July 30th (note: this date has no relation to the 5.0 release schedule.) All winners announced at the sole discretion of MySQL AB. Arjen Lentz (Community Relations Manager) and Brian Aker (Director of Architecture) will be among the judges. Go for it! And good luck.

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