“Geeko” Lives!

In Jason Perlow's May 2005 "Shutdown" column, he suggests that "... SuSE Linux Professional needs to look deep into its roots and re-birth itself as a public, open source project similar to Fedora." According to a Novell spokesperson, and thanks to Perlow's column, Geeko is now real! Point your browser to OpenSuSE. The "OpenSuSE" project (with the "Geeko" logo and mascot) is now SuSE's equivalent to Fedora. "OpenSuSE" will produce "SuSE Linux" (no longer "SuSE Linux Professional") and the new distribution and its updates will be free to everyone.

Like Fedora, OpenSuSE plans to create an infrastructure to release stable and development versions, with incremental package updates available over the Internet.

Unlike Fedora, however, Novell intends “SuSE Linux” to be a real, usable Linux distribution and will sell tech support for it and also sell it in boxed versions in addition to the version on the net. The software will be identical, the open source one will not be crippled in any way.

Novell will give away “SuSE Linux 9.3″ (no “Pro” distinction) at LinuxWorld next week. The OpenSuSE code base is to be based on the 10.0 beta code.

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