Pictures From LinuxWorld Conference & Expo

No trip to a Linux show would be complete without pictures. I purchased a new camera for the trip, a Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z20. I'm still getting used to all of the camera's features, a huge step up from the dinky HP digital camera I've been using since 2000 or so, but it's worth noting that it has worked beautifully with Ubuntu. I wasn't sure if I'd have to use an adapter to copy files from the camera's SD Card or if the USB connection would work out of the box. Turns out, it works right out of the box. Connect the USB, turn the camera on, and gThumb pops up and asks if I want to import photos from the device. Sweet. Without further delay, here are the first batch of photos from LWCE.

LWCE Keynote. Oracle President Charles Phillips

DCCA press conference

Ian Murdock speaks at the DCCA press conference

Bruce Perens speaks at the DCCA press conference

The X.Org booth at LWCE

The Debian booth at LWCE

Mambo at LWCE. (Note: The Linux Magazine website is powered by Mambo. Thanks, guys!) Is it just me, or is their poster with the big-headed child just a wee bit disturbing?

Some of the Xandros team at LWCE

The show floor at LWCE

Another look at the show floor at LWCE

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