Intel Ships New Dev Tools

Intel Corporation today began shipping five new software development tools that make it easier to create the distributed applications used in high-performance computing (HPC) clusters.

Intel Corporation today began shipping five new software development tools that make it easier to create the distributed applications used in high- performance computing (HPC) clusters.

Currently, more than half of the world’s Top 500 HPC systems are based on Intel processors. Intel Software Development Products greatly improve the scalability and help maximize the performance of those systems. The Intel Cluster Tools announced today help developers create, debug and tune high-performance applications for clusters faster while reducing the costs associated with development.

“Cluster systems are ever more important as the world utilizes massive computational power to solve the most challenging problems,” said James Reinders, director of marketing of the Intel Software Products Division. “For any platform to achieve higher levels of performance, it needs optimized software to take advantage of every ounce of computing muscle. Intel software development products make it easier to build that software.”

With the new tools, Intel furthered its commitment to deliver enhanced software development products that optimize HPC applications. The new products available today for the HPC environment include: Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 6.0, Intel Message Passing Interface (MPI) Library 2.0, Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) Cluster Edition 8.0, Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) 5.0 and Intel VTune(TM) Performance Analyzer for Linux 8.0. Intel software products are compatible with leading development environments and can be easily used in conjunction with other popular software development tools.

Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 6.0 captures and displays MPI traffic to quickly find the communications bottlenecks within the cluster. This new version includes an improved data presentation and scalability for large clusters.

Intel MKL is a set of highly optimized, thread-safe, mathematical functions for engineering, scientific and financial applications requiring high performance. The cluster edition of Intel MKL also includes ScaLAPACK and distributed memory Fast Fourier Transforms. Intel MKL includes linear algebra (BLAS, LAPACK, Sparse Solvers), Fast Fourier Transforms, Vector Math and Random Number Generators.

Intel MPI Library 2.0 maximizes deployment flexibility by allowing applications on run on multiple network architectures without changing code.

Intel IPP 5.0 benefits multi-core and HPC platforms by offering full thread-safe functions including optimized encryption, string handling and multimedia functions.

Intel VTune(TM) Performance Analyzer 8.0 for Linux* improves software performance by finding bottlenecks through advanced profiling technologies which is critical with multi-core and HPC.

The new HPC software tools are now available directly from Intel and through resellers worldwide. Prices shown are for single developer seats. Pricing is also available for configurations to suit cluster development team needs. More information is available at www.intel.com/software/products.


  • Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector 6.0 – $499
  • Intel Math Kernel Library – $499
  • Intel MPI Library 2.0 – $499
  • Intel Integrated Performance 5.0 – $199
  • Intel VTune(TM) Performance Analyzer for Linux – $699

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