Non-Profit Colocation Project

A Chicago non-profit project for server housing is operational. The non-profit is dedicated to providing server colocation services to non-commercial entities.

The Chicago Community Colocation Project (ChiCCP) is a non-profit dedicated to providing server colocation services to non-commercial entities (organizational and individual). Server colocation means housing a server in a facility with fast and reliable Internet connections, uninterrupted power and sufficient cooling. The project is entirely funded by donations.

ChiCCP is operating under the umbrella of the Online Policy Group (OPG), a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in San Francisco, CA. A highly succesful project of the OPG is the California Community Colocation Project which has been in operation since 2001 and currently hosts over 130 servers in the San Francisco Bay Area. This project started a global movement dedicated to providing server colocation services to non-commercial entities that could otherwise not afford such services. In Chicago, this movement resulted in the Chicago Community Colocation Project.

As of June 2005, ChiCCP is offering its services in the high-grade FastRoot data center just outside the Loop, Chicago’s downtown business district. ChiCCP’s operations are supported by an enthusiastic community of volunteers. “Clients” effectively become part of this community which can be relied on for solving practical issues such as a server’s hardware/software configuration. Several community members are based in Chicago proper and can offer on-site assistance.

At this time, ChiCCP is looking to enlarge its community and invites anyone interested in the project to visit the project’s website at http://www.chiccp.net/. ChiCCP is looking for new members wishing to colocate a server. ChiCCP is also looking for new members to participate in the project’s mailing lists where technical issues, fundraising ideas,… are discussed. ChiCCP is also looking for companies willing to sponsor the project. Anyone in support of the project is kindly invited to donate to the project (fully tax-deductible, by paypal or check).

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