Where the V Doesn’t Stand for Vendetta

Microsoft finishes Vista.

Vista is done, says Microsoft, and the next release of Windows is off to manufacturing. General availability begins January 30th, 2007. And so ends the five-year wait for Microsoft’s newest operating system.

With the Vista launch pending, I imagine we’ve heard the last of Microsoft cheering on SUSE for a bit.

I’ve been thinking about the whole Microsoft-Novell thing this past couple of weeks and how MS might be able to use it as a crowbar to get into spots it has had trouble getting access to.

I can imagine a scenario where MS can now go to customers with large Linux installs and pitch themselves as advocates for the OS where they once could not.

Now they listen to customer requirements, nod their head gravely, and say, “Look, we know SLED and SLES inside and out — we work very closely with those guys — and they’ll tell you, what you’re trying to do, SUSE can’t handle yet. Wait until we get the [Samba|Virtualization|OpenOffice] stuff figured out. Until then, have you seen the view? I mean, the Vista?”

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