Agile infrastructure through virtualization and networking collaboration.

VMware with Cisco VFrame Infrastructure Demo

Virtualization, software that allows IT organizations to provision hardware into platform-agnostic pools of processing and storage capacity, has been implemented on the server by companies like VMware. On top of this, Cisco’s network virtualization architecture has an overarching quality that touches everything in the data center.

VMware and Cisco have partnered on a management and optimization solution designed to deliver high levels of efficiency, automation, simplicity and security in managing a virtualized IT environment of any size. It allows for the rapid provision of virtual machines and the monitoring of performance of physical servers and virtual machines.

The joint effort between the two parties intelligently optimizes resources, ensuring high availability to all applications in virtual machines and makes the IT environment more responsive with virtualization-based distributed services such as VMware DRS, VMware HA and VMware VMotion.

  • Simplify the provisioning of new virtual machines with wizard-driven processes and templates that allow the deployment of new virtual machines
  • Operational automation through task scheduling and alerting improves responsiveness to business needs and prioritizes actions needing the most urgent attention
  • Automate routine management tasks with task scheduling and alerting
  • Monitor performance and utilization of physical servers and the virtual machines they are running with detailed reporting of CPU, memory and I/O performance
  • Limit access to authorized personnel using tiers of customizable roles, fine-grained permissions and integration with Microsoft Active Directory

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