SMobile Predicts Spike in Mobile Viruses Once Google Phone Hits the Market

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- According to SMobile Systems, the launch of Google Phone platform will be among the most positive transformational moments in mobile communications history by further merging computers with mobile devices.

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ — According to SMobile Systems, the launch of Google Phone platform will be among the most positive transformational moments in mobile communications history by further merging computers with mobile devices.

But while millions of people will now be able to "compute on the run," those same consumers will be a high-value target for hackers, spammers and others intent on hacking the new phones.

In response to the news surrounding the potential launch of the Google Phone operating platform, SMobile Systems (www.smobilesystems.com), the leading developer of mobile security solutions, announced today that it is already developing a series of security solutions for devices coming to market using the Google platform. SMobile's suite of security products, known as SecurityShield(TM) has already been engineered to work on a mobile Linux platform, the chosen operating system for the Google platform.

"Google has proven to be a game-changing company, and we believe its mobile functionality, dubbed Android, will have as transformational of an impact on mobile computing as the company has had on search and online advertising," said Rick Roscitt, chairman and chief executive officer of SMobile Systems. "Once millions of consumers get these new devices into their hands, the thousands of hackers out there will turn their attention to the Google powered phones. Having the proper security either embedded on the devices, or available for download is key to ensuring that vital personal, financial and business data is not stolen by identity thieves, or others with malicious intent."

The open architecture of Google's software will allow thousands of developers to create third party applications for Google-enabled devices. Its Linux-based operating system will quickly enable hackers to explore and eventually exploit any security holes in the core Google software as well as third party software, allowing phishers, spammers, and others to look for ways to target users' information for ill intent.

"SMobile has monitored an explosion in mobile viruses around the world; there are now more than 400 identified mobile viruses. No longer are these viruses merely nuisances. These viruses are getting more insidious in nature, smarter in their design, and ultimately more dangerous to consumers, corporate smart phone users and to the carriers who provide service," said George Tuvell, chief technology officer of SMobile. "We are now seeing attacks that can steal data, turn smartphones, BlackBerrys and basic cell phones into zombie dialers, and even use Bluetooth technology to transmit their infection to any device, or device accessories such as wireless headsets, nearby. The Google Phone platform will enable users to more easily access the Internet and download applications, which is great – but it will also encourage the hacking community to make new and more virulent strains of attacks."

In addition, SMobile will provide data encryption capability, the ability to lock the data on a lost or stolen device, and the ability to restrict specific software applications from running on a phone.

"SMobile's SecurityShield has been lab tested by major carriers and handset manufacturers such as Nokia, AT&T and others. These third parties have certified our solution as the most complete, effective and powerful tool on the market," added Mr. Roscitt. "We look forward to presenting a Google Phone-specific security product for testing shortly. Furthermore we believe that it is incumbent on the carrier community to protect its customers and include robust security for their mobile devices."

About SMobile

SMobile, Inc. has created the first and only complete line of products and services that securely protect mobile phones and the global wireless infrastructure from hackers, viruses, data compromise, unauthorized data theft and the effects of lost or stolen devices. The company's security applications include virus and malware detection, text message and data filtering, prevention of unwanted messages from interrupting the user, spam blocking, enterprise management, protection for mobile professionals from harmful data on open networks and data security and password-protection for content and files. SMobile is headquartered in Columbus, OH with facilities in Fort Lee, N.J., Dortmund, Germany, and Pune, India. The company is privately held.

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