Signature Devices, Inc. Web 2.0 Community Enters Beta Phase

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Signature Devices, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SDVI; www.signaturedevices.com), has announced that the company's "Web 2.0" gaming community has entered into the Beta Phase.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Nov. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Signature Devices, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SDVI; www.signaturedevices.com), has announced that the company's "Web 2.0" gaming community has entered into the Beta Phase.

Signature Devices is developing an "Online Web 2.0" based gaming community that is scheduled to go live shortly and attract gamers to join the community. There are numerous free games on the site and we will be releasing more games for subscribed users. There will now be 12 retail games to choose from that normally retail for $19.95 per game. Several subscription levels will be available that allow the gamer to pay a one time flat fee. The different subscription levels will receive 20% back in currency called "Phatty Coins" to be used in tournaments and to purchase retail products from the website.

The "Silver" subscription level will cost $60.00 for the entire year and the gamer will receive $100.00 worth of retail items and $12.00 in "Phatty Coins." The retail items consist of downloadable video games that normally retail for $100.00 with one choice of the current Graffiti Entertainment retail games at no cost, except for shipping and handling of $6.00. In addition the "Silver" level will also receive 30% discounts on future retail products that Graffiti Entertainment publishes.

There are also two other subscription levels available "Gold" at $120.00 per year and "Platinum" at $240.00 per year.

The "Gold" level will receive $120.00 worth of video games and $20.00 in coins for tournament play. The gamer can also choose two of the currently available Graffiti Entertainment retail video games and only pay shipping and handling of $9.00. The "Gold" subscription will also receive 40% off of retail prices for future Graffiti Entertainment products. In addition the "Gold" level subscriber will also be able to choose one new video game from the number of console titles that will be shipping in 2008 and only pay shipping and handling of $6.00. The total retail value of this package is around $210.00 not including the 40% off discount.

The "Platinum" level will receive $160.00 worth of downloadable games and four of Graffiti Entertainments existing video games valued at $80.00 retail, by paying shipping and handling of $15.00. "Platinum" level subscribers will also enjoy 50% off of retail prices for future Graffiti Entertainment products. The "Platinum" level will also be able to choose two new video games from the console titles shipping in 2008 and only pay shipping and handling of $9.00. The total retail value of this package is approximately $300.00 not including the 50% discount.

The site also contains a large number of free skills-based games that can be used in tournaments. Signature Devices, Inc. will receive all profits on subscriptions, advertising and product sales from the website.

Signature Devices, Inc. will also be offering developers a free open source game engine that includes a number of tools developed by professional video game developers. The tools and game engine allow for quicker development of video games and allows just about anyone to develop video games. Users will be able to post their games to the website and tap into the PC video game market and the opportunity to publish their video game on consoles through Graffiti Entertainment, LLC, the publishing subsidiary of Signature Devices, Inc. There will be a revenue sharing model with developers that contribute content for the website.

"We are excited about this business venture and expect to open the web site after we finish the Beta Testing," said Kenneth Hurley, the company's CEO. "We have finished the work on the website and have begun testing it before we launch the site."

With the launch of the new online community Signature Devices is entering into two lucrative areas of gaming. The main area that the company will tap into is the online subscription based gaming, which is expected to grow to an astounding 5 billion dollars in North America only, with Europe and Asia to add another 5 billion dollars by 2011 according to Park Associates. The second area that Signature Devices will benefit from is in-game advertising which according to Park Associates will rise from 80 million in 2005 to 400 million by 2009. NPD has similar data showing that the online gaming market for 2007 should be around 2.8 billion dollars.

Kenneth Hurley, the company's CEO said, "We set to enter into these markets in 2007 and are excited to tap into the markets that are that big and expected to grow to almost 11 billion by 2011. It is an incredible opportunity for us and we are taking advantage of it to acquire our market share of this growing industry."

About Signature Devices, Inc.:

Based in Redwood City, Calif., Signature Devices, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SDVI; www.signaturedevices.com) creates, develops and manufactures advanced information technology, including computer systems, software and electronics products. One of the company's premiere technologies includes a blend of hardware and software for Image generation technology used in video games and simulations. Signature Devices also owns Graffiti Entertainment, LLC (www.GraffitiEntertainment.com) a publisher of interactive entertainment software for advanced entertainment consoles.

Forward-Looking Statements:

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